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Lauren Heery

Senior Project Coordinator

Centre for Community Child Health / Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

CEO/Senior Management session (A)

Data for learning

Being ‘data literate’ or knowing how to find and make sense of data is an increasingly important skillset for early years services that are focused on learning and improving. In this session, Lauren will provide an overview of what it means to be data literate and provide guidance about how early years services can gather and make sense of data to identify needs, monitor progress, course correct and measure impact. Case studies from the sector will be presented to illustrate how data can be used to improve outcomes for children, and as part of the session, participants will be engaged in an interactive data literacy skill building task. Participants can also expect to walk away with data literacy tip sheets/tools. The session will suit those from organisations with little to some experience of using data for planning and/or monitoring.

About Lauren Heery

As an evaluator and project manager at the Centre for Community Child Health, Lauren Heery manages a portfolio of early years sector program evaluations and capacity building projects. Lauren’s skills include program evaluation, project management, group facilitation and coaching. She is particularly interested in the use of methodologies such as improvement science and developmental evaluation, which can be used to develop, adapt and evaluate complex programs and initiatives. Lauren holds a Master of Public Health (University of Melbourne) and a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) (University of Melbourne).