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Daniel Donahoo

Senior Advisor (children and digital technology)

Alannah and Madeline Foundation

Workshop A1

Children and digital technology: where to from here?

Join children and technology expert, Daniel Donahoo, for a deeper look at how children bring technology and their experiences of media into our learning environments – whether we like them or not. Through stories and research, Daniel will unpack how our understanding of screentime and children’s technology use has developed and evolved over time. And then, speak to the responsibility we have to support children and parents to better use technology as it is ubiquitously present in our lives. Through the Playing IT Safe resource, Daniel will show how educators can be at the frontline of changing children’s behaviours and experiences with technology and help raise a new generation of technology users who are thoughtful, purposeful and able to make better decisions with technology, and use it in ways that are kind, generous and positive.

Workshop B1

Playing IT Safe: online safety through play-based learning

Playing IT Safe is a new, free resource that offers educators and parents practical, play-based learning experiences that teach children the about key concepts regarding technology. Children develop an understanding of areas like ‘What is the internet?’, ‘How are messages shared?’, consent, privacy and behaving kindly and generously online through play-based activities. Daniel will discuss what children can and can’t understand about technology, challenging the notion that children are “digital natives” and look at the responsibility early childhood educators have in educating parents and children about developing children’s digital literacy and online safety. Daniel will go into detail about the way the program was developed with educators and children, as a way of sharing how it works in practice. He will highlight the way all of the activities can be used without the need for any technology in the learning environment. Practical, hands-on and entertaining – this workshop will offer every educator a perspective on how they can support children’s learning and development about technology.

About Daniel Donhaoo

Daniel Donahoo is currently a Senior Advisor to the Alannah and Madeline Foundation and, in partnership with the AFP and Office of the eSafety Commissioner, has designed a play-based learning resource to support early childhood professionals teach children digital literacy and online safety. He has over two decades experience working in early childhood and researching and writing about media and technology in children’s and families’ lives.